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TARGET Brakes Spring Brake Chamber Features and Benefits

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    A leading manufacturer and distributor of brake chambers for global commercial vehicle needs.

    We are proud to introduce TARGET Brakes Spring Brake Chamber Features and Benefits, We pay attention to every detail.

    1. Clevis: Threaded forged clevis with heat-treated pin.

    2. Piloted dust shield: Maintains push rod alignment and reduces contaminants in the service chamber.

    3. Return Spring: Customized spring steel for stronger force, electrostatic polymer coating for additional corrosion resistance.

    4. Mounting studs: Customized alloy steel materials, welded for enhanced vibration resistance.

    5. Optional 8-10 gauge heavy-duty steel stud housing:  Ensures extended service life,even in the harshest environments.

    6. E-coating: Electrostatic polymer coating improves corrosion resistance.

    7. Orange alert stroke indicator: Visible when brakes are out of adjustment.

    8. Center seal: Double o-ring center seal for improved durability and sealing capability.

    9. Aluminum center body: Increased thickness and strength, A360 corrosion resistant aluminum.

    10. Formed housing: Formed area painted to improve corrosion protection and appearance.

    11. Robust power Spring:SAE 9254 chromium-silicon steel, Designed to reduce overall stress;heat-treated and powder-coated for corrosion protection.

    12. Increased spring housing height: Prevents coil clash and reduces spring stress.

    13. Nylon reinforced diaphragm: With locating feature to extend life.

    14. Caging tool with ACME thread: Makes caging quick and easy.