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TARGET Brakes- Brief Company History

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    A leading manufacturer and distributor of brake chambers for global commercial vehicle needs.

    TARGET Brakes started business in May 2005. Since the beginning TARGET has experienced steady growth. This growth is energized by over 30 years of air brake engineering experience. This experience resulted in several innovative concepts incorporated into TARGET products and operation. This experience ranks as one of the highest of any spring brake company in the China.

    We are proud of our accomplishments. However we are not satisfied. At TARGET, we are continuing to improve our products by researching new methods and materials. Our goal for this year and future years is to be a better supplier than last year. We will continue to improve one component at a time.

    The philosophy of TARGET is to provide the highest quality product. This philosophy is integrated throughout our organization – from management to line employee. We follow a demanding IATF 16949 quality control system.

    All actuators and components have been tested to SAE specifications. All meet or exceed the latest requirements. We will continue to test and improve each component to assure you of the highest quality. With a product as important and demanding as spring brakes, our 30 plus years of engineering experience makes the difference.

    TARGET Brakes offers a full line of double-diaphragm and piston-diaphragm spring brakes. Many models including the most popular Type 24 and Type 30 are available in both standard 2.5 inch (63.5mm)stroke and 3.0 inch(76.2mm) “Long Stroke” designs. Furthermore, there exist “Severe Service” spring brakes, specifically designed for industries renowned for their demanding environments, encompassing mining, livestock transportation, industrial waste management, ready-mix concrete handling, and refuse hauling.

    If you have a special requirement or application for brake actuators, call our engineering department. Our engineers will be available to help in any way.